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1169: AI vs Art: Can the Machines be Creative?

Artists have long used technology–from photography to Photoshop–to push their ideas into new territory. Playform offers the latest opportunity for artists and creators to explore the edge of technological possibility and express their humanity. It harnesses AI’s power and turns it into the perfect co-creating companion.

Last year, AICAN gained international acclaim as the first AI-artist awarded solo exhibitions at such galleries as HG Contemporary and SCOPE New York. Now, a team of scientists and artists have transformed AICAN’s revolutionary technology into a “creative soulmate” for visual thinkers: Playform.

Playform utilizes generative AI to enrich creativity rather than replace it. Playform is the only user-friendly software that allows artists to custom train the AI with their own images and provides a variety of features for experimentation.

Its ‘Sketch to Image’ tool transforms simple sketches into full-fledged images with color, texture, and stunning detail. Artist Devin Gharakhanian partnered with Playform to develop the ‘Creative Morph’ tool, used to create his portrait series as seen at the SCOPE Art Fair.

Most recently, artist Qinza Najm exhibited her Playform collaborative series at the National Museum of China, attracting over 1 million visitors.

Dr. Ahmed Elgammal, director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, joins me on the podcast to talk about the relationship between technology, art and much more.